Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pavlov's conditioned reflex

Olivia always in the morning whenever she sees us dressing a shoes or jacket or even pick up the keys straight she runs to the door not avoiding her saliva from drooping to the floor, More than her, her instincts wants to go outside. After she goes wild, her wish must be satisfied. If for distraction I pick up a keys without an intention to go outside after I would change my mind, I also want to go out. I only need to help her open the door and she knows the rest of the way, runs in high speed through the corridor. She is in ecstasy always, Nobody can stop her.

Today she did her noon nape almost in the evening, yet on time to see her Brazilian-Polish friend Maya, Sliczna She is lovely. They came to pick up some clothes from Olivia, it is a chain that we want to continue as most of Olivia's clothes were already from some other kid.

discussing where they will travel in the future

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