Friday, August 21, 2009

Backing NHS

After the appointment in the hospital we could rest, We saw a Dr from Tim Meyer team, He was very patient and up to explain me everything and perhaps most important a very good listener. He went with me deeply in my scan, for the first time I could understand what does it look like a CT scan images, I could see by my eyes that there is not any damage, the Liver is almost all recovered, but essentially the problem that I have in my back is not due to any Cancer, In fact in one of the sides of my back the muscle is bigger than in the other one. The doctor does not have a explanation, only said that the swollen in the side of my back could be due to the fact the muscles are compensating all the changes that my body is passing after all the surgeries. Now I will do a cycle of pain killers to release the pain in that way I might be more relax and move better my back, because is like a vicious cycle, we have pain and after conditioning our movements it will be even worst. Regarding to the bloated tummy he could not see any problem there but anyway to play in the save side I would do a ultrasound.

Again he mentioned a small lump in the back of the stomach that will be discuss in the next meeting of doctors, but the prominence is very tiny and the growth was minimum so I should be easy about that. Today and after that I really feel much better.

What make me feel also good is the way all the staff, from doctors, receptionists, nurses, everybody treat us, All are so gentle, so human, It looks like everybody was chosen for the right job. Inside the hospital I feel always like with family. Olivia is the most famous and I am taking advantage of that. This takes me to the new discussion about the NHS vs NUS (American National Unhealthy System) When I was diagnosed with Cancer I was having a temporally working, therefore if was living in USA I would not have any social care, I will be on my own, Probably I would need to ask for money to pay the treatments. But here in UK I never felt that I was not well treated because of my nationality, because of did not working full time. When I go to the hospital frequently we can see so much poor people around, I ask does this people not deserved a human treatment, having a hope for a better life, I think this is a responsibility of all of us, Today we are fine tomorrow we can need help and it is as shame if nobody would be in the other side. I think is worth to keep this flame on, If necessary the rich become less rich I will stand up for that.
In the other day a friend told me last time he went to USA he had a problem and needed to go to the emergency of a hospital, but to have any assistance he was asked before anything for is credit card, without that no medical help. Where is the commitment of the doctors to Hippocratic oath, I am sure the money it is not an excuse or exception.
The week cannot finished better than having the visit of Veena and Chrisna for diner, it was hilarious the evening, Ryan joined us after. I am sure he was sad to do not bee with us in the diner. Also I need to complain about the censoring of a picture by Chrisna.


jorge henriques said...

Olá bom dia de manhâ
Helder ,embora já calcula-se que as noticias seriam boas fiquei muito mais contente depois de ler este post.
Infelizmente nos Estates a saúde é vista como um negocio, sei que por lá o tema está ao rubro devido a Obama pertender modificar um pouco o sistema mas para mim é dificil compreender um povo que nâo questiona o que gasta em armas todos os anos e está muito preocupado com o aumento das despesas de saude dos mais pobres .A situaçâo é tao dramatica que mesmo quem tem seguro de saude há casos em que o seguro só começa a pagar depois do diagnóstico o que representa um problema pois o doente não tem condiçoes financeiras de ,por exemplo pagar uma TAC e entâo a soluçao é esperar pela soluçao final em casa sem tratamento ,isto mais parece um pais de terceiro mundo...

Bom .mudando de assunto desejo um bom fim de semana (hoje é para comemorar) hehe na companhia das princesas, para elas umas beijocas e para ti um abraço.

Carla said...

Olá Helder e Princesas,

Que boas notícias!!
Agora trata essas costas, que isso é ao menos... no meio dessa luta, isso é canja.

Beijinhos para todos,

Carla Damásio
PS - Estamos de malas feitas para Tomar!!! Estamos quase a ir... um lugarzinho espera por mim!!!