Saturday, September 20, 2008

With you I will do it


Again a picture that symbolise a long way, now not a corridor but a long channel, Not only represents in metaphoric terms the way through the illness but also represents the full length that we still need to walk to conquer a more durable peace. In our mind is always without any minute of break our love, the lovely Olivia. Justyna will be always the heroine of this story, She is a mum, she is a wife, she is a friend, is a nurse, is psychologist , is everything for everybody that is around her. Who knows her knows what I am talking about. It is so much comforting for me to know how lucky Olivia is to have the best mum in the world, and of course I am the luckiest man in the world for have such a graceful human being as my partner. Impossible to feel alone with her, she told me since the beginning, "We will go through this together" and this simple words represented so much for me there and here now.

In fact between London and me there was an effect of irresistible magnetism, I could not avoid the call from London at its time, and resist the force that pull me to this metropolis. When I came I had so many dreams and ambitions, and after this time I am sure that the most important, the ones that made me bigger I achieved. I had opportunity to met so many people, big part become my regular friends, with the richness of some of them are from different backgrounds and cultures which painted me a more colourful life. In the end of the day is the best that we can have from London, the friendship and the multiculturalism. For some years I was going around meeting new people, opening new horizons, for wile studying, all in a frenetic speed but fortunately at a lucky moment I met the wonderful woman, Justyna. In a couple of years I had so happy moments and I felt so much loved, more than other time in my life. She helped to produce a reasonable man that loves and respects all his friends and not friends, I will not distinguish also the ones not humans, the animals.

This Saturday my mind was lifted up by more demonstrations of care and love from friends. It is almost the only thing that rests to me at this moment, believe me. Our WOW-Walkers of the World, a British-Latino-American group of friends that do in their free time walks through the country side, today went out for a special walk, they choose the walk to remind about me and to send me the best possible energy, wishing me better. Big kiss for you and I cannot wait to be there soon taking Olivia and Justyna.

In the Continent my Mum, father and family also united to pray for me, in a occasion of a religious party in the Algarve.
All will be alright


Anonymous said...


For sure YOU WILL DO IT!!!


Luís Ganhão said...

You are all heroes, and the rainbow at the end of the storm is arriving
Luís & Nucha