Monday, September 29, 2008

Playing with sugars

In the edge to start the treatment I am feeling slightly nervous, probably scare of the unknown, all day I have been with painful headaches. The sugars keeps running all the spectre, in minutes it could go from one extreme to the other one. This causes me anxiety and lost of control in my emotions.

Additionally now I discovered a way to force the sugars coming down, I just need to work out how to avoid hypoglycemia, So the secret to bring it down is getting a lovely exercise with my Justyna, In that way in the end of such a interaction I just need to gift myself with a biscuit. Now on my orgasm is presented with biscuit that offers a lots of sugars to my blood circulation to balance all the energies burst in such a intimate act.

I been doing some calculations, and I presume the sexual act should be equivalent to a 15 units of Insulin.
Have a lovely time
PS: Sorry for the content


Anonymous said...

Na primeira página dos jornais só se fala da crise que tem afectado todos os paises incluindo a Inglaterra! Curiosamente Londres para além da crise financeira está também a ressentir-se da falta de produtos nos supermercados, diz-se que ultimamente na zona de Seven Sisters, os biscoitos estão sempre a esgotar! É estranho,né?

Luís Ganhão said...

Lack of Biscuits in London!!!!

Hélder, só mesmo tu para me meteres a sorrir!!!!