Sunday, September 7, 2008

A unique and true love

Para o meu amor, Mae

At this time my mum is already in Portugal, It was the right decision to go to the Algarve in a window when we do not know when will start the chemotherapy and there she can share her love with the rest of the family. She has been so much altruist, giving me so much, Looking only for my comfort, So much love I felt during this time from her, She just abdicated of her own life, giving all her energies and strengths to our wider family.
Not only me, but also Justa and Olivia are different persons because of her giant personality. She had given again all the serenity that I needed, always with a word looking for my comfort, She is unbelievable, She is the star that illuminated me. She is passing the way that any mother would not like to experience never losing control of herself, unfortunately with a lot of pain and suffering in silence, what is the most cruel thing. I need to turn this around not for me but essentially for my mum, Justa and Olivia. I will be a happy man when I can see this human beings happy as well. In a time that I am forbidden to touch in the sweats what a lucky I have to have such a sweet family and of course the sweetest candy Olivia to my delight.
During the next weeks my mum can have a deep breath and also feel the love of the rest of the family to recharge batteries. Also my father can have some normal life back home, after a biggest forced separation since ever. He now can relax more, knowing the news from my mum, Been faraway makes more difficult to cope with what is going on in UK.
My mum left, travelled together with my friend Cristina. Cristina was with us only for one day but it was enormous the spirit and friendly warmth that left behind and we will not forget. Sofia was the only one who remained with us until evening. Together we walked all the way to Stoke Newington having after a Pizza in a Italian restaurant.
I am either happy to see my mum back home and sad because of see her room now empty, we miss you already. I was thinking if all of us could respect and love everybody as we love and respect our mum, how would be the world?
Meanwhile lots of kisses and love for all mums in this world


Cristina said...

Hello, Helder, Justina and Olivia.

I loved the time I spent with you. It was a shame that it was little time but I loved every minute. You look good and I now I know that you have the strength and the support that you need to overcome all of this.

It was an enormous pleasure to meet you! I am so happy that you and Helder meet. We need to meet again soon so that we can talk more.

Let me tell you again that I was not the one that was always keeping you awake... That was your dad...
You are a true princess!

I had the privilege to travel with your mother and you are right about all that you said. She is quite a lady! I hope she gets all the rest that she deserves.

To all of you, all the best wishes and all my love.


ftavora said...

Apart from your mum and my own, I like as well Mamus Mazureka, the sweetest mum of Poland.



Francisco Narciso said...


Tens todas as "luzes" para te iluminar em todo o trajecto que vais percorrer. Nunca te esqueças.

Grande abraço,

Francisco Narciso