Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dangerous balance

Well, This morning I went to the Royal Free Hospital, this time not to speak with the doctors about the cancer in the Liver, but to see the Dermatologist. This appointment has origin in the days after the operation when I developed an allergy in all my body. Back to that days, in order to check the reason for the rash I spent all day doing different things such as submission to a local biopsy into the skin in the groins and I went to a special photographic studios where I needed to expose all my sexy body to the lenses of a professional cameraman to catch the detail of the allergy. It was a surrealistic picture, we went through half of the Hospital, We were after a special photographic studios which catches the worst pathologies in the human body. I was dressed in my dressing-gown and Justyna was pulling my wheel chair, even the transport did not help as my buggy had a problem in the front wheels making each manoeuvres by Justyna when necessary to pass through the corridors and jump in elevators a very complicated task. After cross several departments in the Hospital and almost got lost in its labyrinth we found this studios almost in the end of the Hospital, in a cave. There we were received by a gentleman which toke me to inside his sophisticated studios. What would come next would be only familiar to a professional of the pornography, It was asked me to undressed and meanwhile was switched on a different forms of lights to highlight the rash around my pelvis and bottom. Then the cameraman took in his hands a very powerful camera with a strong objectives starting to take shoots of my nudes. Justyna around could not stop to laugh, Me knowing that it was a case for a big laugh nevertheless I tried to keep serious to do not discompose and cry for all the tragic comedy morning that I was involved.

The biopsy and the pictures should have helped to have an idea of what problem I was facing. Additional It was also taken a sample from my scalp, related to a injury in the top of my head that keeps not healing for a few years. Today when I went to see the doctor I was calm but prepared for another bad news inclusive expecting that what I have in the scalp could be also cancer. But it was frustrating, after all the time and resources used, the doctor did not advance any conclusion, the rash in the body it was some allergy but it was not possible to identify, allergy to what. Then she asked me to submit in the next weeks to some controlled tests to exam if I would be allergic to some individual medicines, such as Penicillin, Tramadol or Acreotide. Also the problem in the scalp for the doctor it does not look cancer, but for that I will demand a more accurate biopsy to make sure what it is.

The day followed with another moment of my arising to the sky, where only the stars have place, This because I went for a singing performance in a school. This project run by Veena is related with a compilation of songs for children in different languages ending up with a CD record. I was invited to join a professional group of singers to sing in Portuguese and my task it was to chant the beautiful children song of "Eu fui ao Jardim da Celeste, Giroflé Giroflá ". After a couple of hours hard work I managed to scream the five verses of the composition.

The day did not finished without a debate between me and Justyna regarding to the last year, it would be very difficult o find such a fulfill and busy year, All happened in less than 365 days. Me and Justyna moved to a place to live together, deciding after to marry in December, ceremony even if faraway from our home unit our both family here in London. It was a dream to have so many friends associating to your happy and special day. It was a long and tiredness day essential to Justyna because she had already the seed of Olivia in her tummy. Our mummy's were the stars of the ceremony as they cooked a meal able to be served in table of the Gods in the heaven. Later our attention moved to the growth of the seed Olivia and been rewarded with the birth of the small and defenceless desired baby. That time it was me the healthier person, the most active, I was divided in between house, work and maternity. But after four weeks of the birth of Olivia it was my time to climb to the stage and been diagnosed the worst that we could imagine, Since that it was not all only torture because of Olivia and some more optimistic news that come to daylight later. It is case to tell "What a year".

The week is almost in the end, but with that is coming a visit of friend, Marian. The house will be represented by the Polish community and with that I also will be under pressure to improve my poor Polish language.

PS: The picture does not show, but few seconds after Justyna fell over breaking her ankle

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