Thursday, September 4, 2008

Long, long journey


As I said yesterday, there is nothing that a good night sleep does not help to wake up fresher and arise confidence in our aims. This night even if pasted wrapped in a lot of nightmares but the morning brought me again the tranquillity and serenity that I need. A more positive and active attitude in contrast with the tiredness that I suffered yesterday. I was naïve when it crossed my mind the idea of the “mother of my battles” it would be quick and clean, like if it would be just around the next corner, No, as I learnt in the beginning this battle will be long, painful and will required all the energies from me, Not possible to move or change the track and target until all the bullets are shot.

Today it was necessary to see the nurse to conclude a procedure since the operation has been waiting due to the allergy I developed. Then today the immunization referent to the lack of spline saw the light of the day. The vaccination was a composition of meningovax, pneumovax and maemovax which gives some antibodies to fight against some diseases when my spline is not there any more to do this job. Also at last it came out the three stitches I had in my leg, what made the nurse very upset with the extra work.
Finally to remind you, all of your contributed to this special day. I felt invigorated with feeling the energy and the warm from all of you, friends, You are my family as well and I love you all. We know your limitless kindness and care for us :)
You are in my heart

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Alexandre Correia said...

Com a mudança na abordagem para quimioterapia parece-me que se querem dar passos seguros, e sem pressas, o que são, à sua maneira, boas noticias, pelo que, mesmo não sendo aquilo que mais querias, é um passo em frente.
Por aqui continuaremos a teu lado!