Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blessed man


I would not mind to live with the cancer if in return the life would give me more days like this, our thoughts were almost allowed for a day to have a day-off of bad believes. For this contributed the visit of two friends, Sofia and Cristina. They come and disrupted all our quiet day bringing more sun and happiness to our routine. We went for a walk until a park, challenging the rain, having the opportunity to go for a very sympathetic ecological friendly café in the top of the Springfield Park. For a moments we played some cards, making me going back to time of my childhood. To feel as a child or just release a laugh is something that happen with me often when my friend Sofia is around.
In the evening I was experiencing some tiredness but I could not miss the opportunity of Sofia & Cristina to be here and we all decided to go out for a dinner, In good time we went. All of us ,including Robert who joined us later, went to an Indian Restaurant, the atmosphere was great and the food lovely. Most of the time I was observing from some distance all of my friends happy and having fun, Nowadays I feel fulfilled seeing my friends and of course family having a good time, but I hope one day I can explode also myself and have back all the energies and happiness that somebody took from me now. For this also does not help the pain that I have, probably from all the healing process and some adaptations in my digest system.

I feel very blessed for throughout my existence I did and kept so many real friends. At this time if I did not have all of you in my life I would be in a desert and in an emptiness and sad walk through this temps. Since the first minute the GP told me all what was written for me, straight outside her door at the some time Justa brace me and cried I told her that I did not want to dye alone, I want to have as much friends as possible around. Later for a while I was scare when one doctor told us that we needed to be prepare to live with fact that some friends might give now on some distance from us after they knew with what we were living. I know how difficult is also to some friends to lead with this, what to tell me and what to do. But fortunately as I mentioned already to Justa, in my case I need to confess that everybody come even closer and surrounded me with all their thoughts and love. Whatever will come I am already a complete and accomplished man.
Today altogether decided that would be time to my mum do a break and go home-Algarve for some weeks, as the chemotherapy will wait at least a couple of weeks. Thus, she is going home tomorrow to see father sister and the new element of the family, Also I cannot forget the dogs. Of course I will missed her but she needs to relax, it has been a crazy and stressful time for all of us.

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