Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What is out there?

Some time ago I would say that my live that I am cruising now is so boring, but nowadays I cannot have enough of this kind of life. Walking, reading chatting and appreciating prosaic things of our existence, like this afternoon we had opportunity to contemplate the set of the sun or giving the face to a blowing windy. For sure after all this the Helder that we knew is not the same anymore.

The walk that I undertook today was longer than other days also I added some exercises to improve my fitness. I tried to march with stronger movements of arms and a deep breath at the same time like if was in the Army. As if another battle would come.

I am happy as slowly I start to feel my condition back, stronger and also so far I found the new formula to tackle the diabetes, injecting three times a day it worked very well today. The levels of sugar in the blood were under controlled.

Also my evenings are very enjoyable, because if before I was feeling a pain where the tumour was located, now I just feel the pain of healing, which is bearing and much more healthy :) Thus I can read and playing with Olivia at home. In the countdown for the next operation to Liver, I feel weird, if I want that the next operation come quick as possible to turn this page, to another one, at the same time I want that all that days until there could be as longer as possible, probably a desire and pretension that any single day could reserve me something special, be unique.

In advance for tomorrow afternoon meeting with the surgeon, already this evening I took my shower, a task that the smooth hands of Justyna is the must. I am giving all the importance to the appointment of tomorrow, hoping that I will not be disappointed. Without any thought to interfere in the doctors job, I will try to press him to set a date for the next operation. The out come of Tomorrow it still an incognito equation for us, again we can expect all and nothing from the doctors. We will count with your fingers crossed.

Beijos de todos para todos


Luís Ganhão said...

Hélder, amanhã vai ser mais um dia positivo rumo à vitória final.

Alexandre Correia said...

Amigo, compreendo que queiras ultrapassar tudo o mais rapidamente possivel, mas é importante que controles a ansiedade, porque é algo que te desgasta e que te consome energia.
Se não tiveres a data hoje, terás noutro dia, sendo que nesse dia estarás mais forte!!
As figas estão feitas, para que tudo corra bem hoje.
Um forte abraço.

Cristina said...

Olá, Helder.

Estamos todos a torcer por ti e para que tudo corra bem amanhã.

Beijo grande para a tua família toda!