Sunday, September 14, 2008

A perfect symbiosis


Unnoticeable another weekend is left behind, one of the good things of my forced holidays, is the pressure of Sunday afternoon related with going back to work place in Monday morning has gone, This feeling is an illusion for now :) This week I hope will be the last one before the appointments with doctors and therapy starts. I am waiting this week for a date to see Dr Capler, the head of the Neuroendocrines in the Royal free Hospital to discuss the new plan and what I can expect now, and also I hope to see the Dr Tim Myer to see which kind of chemotherapy I will have in a very short term. Until anything definitive I am trying to do as much as possible, and this week it might be the last one. Today we went with Majka to one of the London postcards, Camden Town. Probably is the most lively area in the world and a place of election to meet people from everywhere and with different cultures. The weather still in good mood, hugging us with a warm and sunny shining.

The last comment is for all my friends, please take care of you, I might have been bit lax with the pain that I presented for two years before it was diagnosed the Cancer. I was feeling the pain, even if a smaller scale for a two years, but I trusted in the system, that was telling me to do not worry, it never could be a Cancer as the doctors were been saying, probably some muscle problem was the easy answer. This after blood tests and scanning. Please whenever you have a pain go until the end to find out what it is. Have my example in your mind.
lovely week

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