Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meditation in process


This morning was one of those that we welcome to be alive. Earlier I understood that would be different morning and day. The difficulties in digest that I had yesterday it was much more softer. Now always that I am eating anything I get myself thinking if I am with pain or not, kind of paranoia. When your brain do not get to many signs of pain also your mind rests leaving a break of bad thoughts for your spirit.

This evening Justyna had a great idea to organize a diner for some friends in our house, in fact after we need to borrow the amenities of Rob, because it was so many friends that we could not fit in our kitchen, and plus I do not know if the mouse that still live at large would like to see is room been shared by so many people. Thus to avoid any contrariety we installed all, me, Justyna, Rob, Meyka, Miriam, Jane. Mike, Kaska and Rafi in the down hall downstairs. It was brilliant food and company. In the end I went alone for a small walk outside to breath and enjoy the moonlight.

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