Monday, September 22, 2008

Adamastor on the sight


Sorry for my post yesterday, but I was for a long time with hypoglycemia (low level of sugars in the blood) and I did not realise and when I started to write the blog it was the climax without my understanding. I was shaking everywhere, my head was about to explode and my heart jumped as kangaroo. For me has been more difficult to guess all the signs of hypoglycemia, because in all my last days I have been in such a stress, with palpitations and anxiety, that sometimes when I feel very sick I am not sure if respects to my new normal condition or it is the sugars in low levels.
After the short message that I managed to write I burst into tears, and it was Justyna that had the idea to check my sugars levels and the result it was very low, The body was in unbalanced for a long time, then opening me the doors to a sweet hot chocolate. Last evening again I felt the terrible anguish that was familiar to me only when in the beginning this monster set on front of me. Yesterday since the morning I had craps in my legs, no energy left in my body and the positiveness changed to negativeness, almost if had the perception that I entered in a different stage of the disease.

Fortunately this morning brought me a better day, more energy and hope for a balanced solution. In fact sometimes I think that I cannot ask for too much against the cancer, it is about some trade, in the way that all of us could save our face in the end. Like if the Cancer to show all its maligns attributes and its ruthless approach, only would let me go and allow me to live a longer life in exchange of my long fight and suffering until exhaustion, after also shed so many tears and passed for unbearable pain.


Treta said...

Muito boa a fotografia.
Avistas ao longe, é alcançável, tens que descer para continuar a tua caminhada.

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Luís Ganhão said...

Grande Foto...
Hélder, vou estar fora do país em trabalho durante algumas semanas... vou tentar vir cá todos os dias como até agora!

Abraços & Beijos,
Luís e Nucha