Saturday, September 13, 2008

At last the summer

There is nothing as motherhood, Olivia can tell us that. When she decides to complain also always finds the comfort and tranquility in mums arms. Something that a father only can speculate. It Should be a chemical reaction where it comes about smell, voice and other elements unknown for an adult mortal that make her find the perfect nest in Justynas warmth.
Again Olivia had another long social day, Lunch went out to a posh restaurant in Notting Hill with Vasco and Carolina but for now Olivia left the culinary experience for the parents. Something that parents essential father do not refuse and welcome. Afterwards just time to come home and go to visit Mike, as he host a party for the "Proms". For the first time I attended such a party, again more food but mixed with the classical music.
The day did not finished without a incursion to the centre, it was already 2.00 Am when we managed to pick up Majka. She just arrived now from Poland and will be a week with us at home.
The good news is after such a long day all the criterion that rules my life functioned well. Sugars, energies and humour behaved good.
See you tomorrow

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