Thursday, September 25, 2008

Smile shining

After a long night of fighting against a low levels of sugars, only after several hours the glucose in the blood stabilise letting me to sleep and rest, The morning arrived and with that I felt more relaxed and the batteries with more energy that allowed me to take some decisions by myself. In the afternoon we went to see Dr Fusai to ask some questions and show him few things that disturbed me, He did a check and again reassured me that what I went through it was a major operation and all this is normal. The obsess he said it is not related with the tumour it is only a muscle problem, anyway he refer me to a scanning to check in detail and in the future I should see a physiologist. It is funny but nowadays nothing make me terrible happy.
I need to be more positive, I guess one thing that I did wrong it was to read too much about Cancer in the Internet. Too much bad stories.

From the appointment I also find that this Friday I might see the Oncologist Dr Tim Mayer to the start the chemotherapy.

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