Saturday, September 13, 2008

My friend Tramadol

Slowly we start to adventure inside London, day and night. We had a very extensive program today, in afternoon we went to Wood Green to do some shopping, must of the stuff we bought were clothes for me, a long time I did not invest in new shirt, jacket or whatever for me, I thought it will take me longer time to have opportunity to go out, but the Winter is here and my wardrobe is empty to face my soaring social life. Later in the night we spent some time with Pajo and his flatmates. The house were full of flashes, been Olivia the most required from their objectives, I promise I will post a picture of this evening next time.

Everyday I remember something new that I want to share with you, and today I saw a Justyna's notes with some of mine quotations when I was waking up from the operation, apparently I was in a very good mood or even better stoned with all the heavy and effective drugs I had, such as Tramadol. The Morphine I declined even if I had it just in a distance of a pump. Some moments I remember some others it was Justyna and Pajo, who witnessed when I woke up, that reminded me.

I know that the nurse when for the first time she came to check if I was alright she got a questionnaire to certify how my brain was coping with the operation and when she asked me if I knew where I was, and I said I am in Holidays in Spain, in the first moment she was scare but after I smiled to her and she understood that I was jocking, relieving her. Afterwards I was allowed to have the visit of Justyna and when she was approaching me, straight I told her to do not ask silly questions, and also she should be very quick because I was booked for this night, I do not know for what, but for sure I needed to leave the Hospital in very short term. One of the things that I wanted to confess to Justyna it was my emptiness will. Again all this was in a atmosphere of fun. The thing that I said to Pajo that made him laugh was the desire that I made for him, that all the hours that I past in Hospital should be paid by the agency where I was working. Even I had courage when I could not have nothing to eat I asked him if he could go out to buy me kebab. But the most silly I found when I ask to Justyna to give me back my specs, as I had given to her before the operation, and when she gave me back I complained that she had five hours, the duration of the surgery to cleaned it, but it was not cleaned, unforgivable. The last thing that Justyna remembers is the fact that I said to her that the time of operation there was a big mess, a big orgy was going on at the same time :)

It is amazing what the human brain can do after a massive dose of drugs. I can read my unconscious behind the quotations.

Big kiss and lovely weekend

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