Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day out of London


In the first day of my trip in the automatic pilot we decided to have a scale in the other English Riviera, Brighton. Unpredictable some days ago, even for me in this blog, the sun was shining all day allowing me to make some comparisons with the Summer in Portugal, with this you can see how good it was the day. I have been waiting for a year to see the seacoast, and today it was brilliant to have a contact with glacier water in the beach but overall to smell the sea and look to the horizon. This days out of home it is true that are longer but leave me more out of the same routine and almost make me forget the pains and the bad thoughts.
We went with Kaska, Rafi and Phil and together we played some games and walked around the city, It was a funny day. The First and probably the last day of the Summer for us.
Ate amanha in another scale
PS: The picture is in the Algarve not in Brighton

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Anonymous said...

Pois imagina que enquanto estavas aí a deliciar-te com um sol maravilhoso, nós andávamos a dar voltas à arrecadação para procurar botas e guarda-chuvas, é q o S.Pedro resolveu surpreender com uma daquelas chuvadas a que os algarvios já não estão habituados!Isto não se faz, é claro que ficámos marafados...

OBS: Nada de levar fimes ou revistas,surprise them,they will see whats a real macho latino :):):)