Monday, September 15, 2008

Cyberdog baby


A very quite Monday, only to register the event of my haircut, after looking for the prices of the best hair dressers in London, I decided to have a single cut done by the hands of my friend Pajo. I need to recognise that the quality of the cut is not owe anything to the professionals. If you want even a very sophisticated hair cut please contact him.

Later the family, extended with Mayka and Pajo went for a walk and a tea in the South bank, I never refuse to be close to the river. Olivia has been always so calm while in the round through London, that I start to think she will be a also a Londoner girl.
I would like to have this opportunity to show my gratitude to all the professionals of the hospitals that been helping me. During the time I have been in the Hospitals, either UCL London or Royal Free Hospital, cumulative were around 5 weeks I had a contact with such a great people. Nurses and doctors that did more than it was their obligation, Sometimes at the time I was inside the hospital I could not think like that, often I was stressed and we never are satisfied, I could not think about the limitations of the human being, and this people are also human beings. But with some distance is easy to look backwards and understand you much care and love this people gave to me. Some had always a positive word, to me do not give up. I could mention some of them but it would be a very exhaustive work, so I leave a big kiss to everyone, And I see you soon in the Hospital.
Another big thank you to everybody

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