Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Friends every where!


So happy with myself, because even been a long day my body had a very positive answer. I had opportunity to see Shubhi as she came to visit us during her lunch time. Afterwards we went to Chestnuts Park and met with another friend, Veena. There we played cards together with Miriam, enjoying the last spells of sun for this season. In the evening I also saw Pajo and Jane. Friends is the base of my life, represents the air that feeds my breath and consequently unstoppable pulses me heart. I hope you agree, life could be only friends and the elements of the nature.

To finish the day I went to a Portuguese cafe in Camden, something that I used to do often in days of football games. Today after almost half year I went back again there and I really enjoyed, of course not for the result of the Portuguese team, we lost, but for the fact that I felt with a lot of energy and I could see myself again among normal co-citizens and feeling independent. Nice to listen the typical Portuguese swearing, even I witnessed two lads almost fighting for a tiny thing, apparently one guy was swearing to much close to the lady of the other one. Of course the reason for this grotesque episode was only too much beers. I have been distant from so many Portuguese for a while I could see that this lovely people still with the same style, long hair, strong side burns :) I also have my hair growing to match the standards.

The Independence that I felt was also because Justyna and Olivia could not come with us, so I needed to look after myself all evening. Slowly I start to increase my self-confidence. In the end I was coming home and I was feeling as small child very happy, like if I started to have permission to go out alone and of course feeling able to. It is time to the family start to do more things outdoors with the increasing of my energies.

Tonight, formally I need to apologise to the Kingdom of the animals, because I could not resist to see for too much longer a small mouse that keeps going around the house. Sorry but tonight we set five traps to catch it. We swear it was the last option, we looked for traps that would not kill the animal but it was impossible to find it leaving us only with this last chance to hunt it. If any rat read this, please let his fellow know that he must leave our flat tonight, otherwise we are about to do a crime.

Anyway I hope all other animals still could accept my friendship without resentments. My best regards Mr animal

Big kiss for all


ma.jun.ja said...
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ma.jun.ja said...

Hi Helder, why you didn't write than I'll come to London? :D :P

See you:)

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chora said...

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