Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In between the storms


We all woke up later this morning, demanding after a rush to get on time for the appointment with the doctor of the diabetes. It was an opportunity to ask some questions and we got really very good and practical explanations. She said to us that the fact that the half of the pancreas that was now remove - the tail, could made the scenery less badly, because the top of the pancreas is the part where the majority of insulin is produced and that one still active, regarding to the liver she was more realistic than optimistic, depending from how much it will be cut it in the surgery, from 50% up to 80%, my body it will need to adapt, and this could take me two years. Because the Liver also stores sugars again the levels of insulin that I am injecting will need to be adjusted.
Additional she advised me to take three times day insulin instead of two and less amount in each, aiming the meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lastly she made me feel that what is waiting for me is not an impossible task, like if some other people have past already through the same.

In the afternoon after the appointment all the family relaxed and did a small picnic in the canteen of UCL Hospital, Justyna brought some salads from the Sunsbury. For moments I looked outside the canteen and I thought how much the things have changed since I have been there last time. Now I could appreciate all the peoples movements outside, the people running around the main streets and metro station, before when I was coming downstairs to the canteen barely I could looked around me, I was living inside my shell.

Though the difficulties we had and the storms that still to approach us very soon, now it is time to enjoy our sailing through the sea, smoothly we are going through different ports and like any sailor before the tempest take advantage to look after other details and organize all to be ready for the big moment.

Love for all


Treta said...

Keep the good mood. That's the spirit.

Pedro Neiva

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Forte Abraço,

Francisco Narciso