Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Can you find some differences?


This evening I am looking for this empty page and it looks a mountain to be climbed, No ideas are crossing my mind, anything that can be interested for the Humanity. Anyway I would like to take this lines only to tell you that are so many things that I have been postponed and now I do not know when I will be able to carry out. Frequently I was telling to Justyna, "One day we need to do this,... go there,...", we have to stop talking, the right attitude is, just do it.
Something that I had opportunity to do was during my childhood having so much fun, surrounded by the best that a children can aspire. Not as you think a Playstation.
I remember with so much happiness that time when I was living in Cruz de Pau, close to Lisbon when the summer arrived the streets were unbelievable fulfill of children, there was a space divided for all the categories. The older children were playing football, sometimes with balls of 0.0001 euro, but the owner were the King, He would have straight the doors open in the lineup for any team and seen the others one fighting to have a place in the match. Will not be necessary to tell that matches normally finished when the owner of the ball needed to go home to have his dinner or just because he became upset to be losing or nobody passed the ball to him, Anyway the scores were always with figures of two if not three digits. The ones that did not have a place in the footy opted sometimes to ride a bicycle or just watching and hopping for a vacancy.
When it was the time of the populars party of the Santos as Antonio, Joao or Pedro it was lovely to see the children jumping the fire meanwhile set up with all the pieces of wood and card found around, the mates were trying to jump higher and longer to conquer the heart of the small girls that were witnessing around, with a very shyness countenance or sometimes just pretending because were with mums around with hold hands. The most wild and outsiders played with pressurized cans, throwing to the fire and waiting to be launch to the cosmos. The intense noise of the the wood broken by the fire were mixed with the lauding screams of the children. The girls, normally played some different games in the direct observation of the parents, only some braves were able to interact with more freedom with the boys.
The summer also represented the end of the school, in a time when the heat and good whether were already a certain thing, Between June and July our playground would be transferred to the beach. Is good to remember all the rituals in the morning before I would pack all the stuff and departed for my journey to the beach. I would wake up around 7.00 Am aiming to reach the opening hours of the patisserie with scare that the all bread would run out, before we would reach the place - padaria, with a distance of almost 100 metres it was already possible to smell the fresh bread just cooked, Impossible was to resist also to a couple of Pastel de Nata or just a creamy Bola or Setubalenses. Afterwards, all the ways would take me as the other friends that could reach 15 friends, to the bus stop. Thousands of strategies were allowed to be used in order to be firstly and in a cheaper way getting in the beach, The ones with baby face, sometimes elders but with delay in the growth could catch the bus, as they would lye about their age without any problems and then not paying or paying only half of the ticket to the beach. The ones without that lucky, even sometimes with some short ugly hairy in the face, predicting what would become to shape the moustache, did not have any chances to pay anymore the half ticket. Thus, they need to lunch in a different manner to conquer their place in the beach. A strong possibility were start a random lottery by asking for a lift, in this group the most clever ones and more brave would join a group of girls. In that way getting a hijack with girls towards the seacoast would be just a mater of time rather than lottery. Lastly the sportive child just would take themselves to the shore cycling through the heat. It was really a big fun.
At least all the human being deserve a happy childhood, I am sure this is already written in somewhere.