Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life cycle

The days are getting longer and brighter, even if today was not the best example, But girls already want to spend more time outside in the garden, It is now necessary to do the first clean of the season, remove the water from the sandpit, put in the place the swings and slid. The apple tree is also starting to show some signs of life again, the branches are again a bit green as usual in the Spring. It was not all beautiful, I would say that this is boring, to watch the same movie again and again. We need to be very naive to like the Life as it is, very monotone and cyclic. Who sees once sees all.

After my three diabetes classes the results are already great, I am trying to not be over excited, in order also to not become too frustrated later on. But so far, except yesterday, I am having dream readings of my blood sugars, They are very stable and exceptionally low. I know the risk of having hypoglycemias is greater but it is worth the risk. This is a process of learning that just now started.

Apparently Portugal is playing against Poland, It is better to not watch to not have problems with Justyna. By the way, I am wandering which team Olivia will be supporting in few years.

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