Thursday, March 1, 2012

The artist(s)

Last Tuesday to the diabetes class came along a psychologist who explained us the meaning of depression and feeling down, I can fit myself in most of the criteria, the only thing that for now makes me out of that state is because, I still have periods of regeneration. I am always in a carousel, going down but also finding the way up, I am not in only one way as typical in a depression behaviour.

This last days I have been feeling much better, and today probably because of that I enjoyed very much my Art lesson, to go around mixing colours and touch the fruits gave my a lot of pleasure. Being in a mood of Art, I thought that could be a good idea to go to the cinema to watch The Artist. To be very honest, Or I become a grumpy old man or probably it was the expectations that worked not in the movie's favour, I tasted a bit the bitter flavour of deception.

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