Friday, February 3, 2012

The results

Morning, nothing better to break the ice than a visit to the oncologist, The news were waiting for us in the tray, They were in fact great, I guess, but I was not exceptionally happy, Probably because I still have my dreams and those are still faraway from the reality. The scan showed another big improvement, the nodule in the lungs reduced from 2 to 1 centimetre, but even better, the disease where has been more worrying, in the Liver, has also reduced the size and the blood vessels, what feeds the cancer cells are less dense. All this is good, but the day of tomorrow still worries everybody, because my disease has been behaving very unpredictable, we cannot rely in the results and just wait, thus very soon I will start a new treatment that aims to keep this stability as long as it is possible. This treatment will consist of self injections of a substance Somatostatin, which hopefully will reached the growth-inhibiter's of the Neuroendocrine cells. We were hoping for a rest but unfortunately it is still not this time.

The travellings to the hospital are always very disruptive for my comfort and peace of mind, arising the adrenalin in the body. I came back with the sensation of another day accomplished, as it must be, but to be honest I also felt a bit more that that, that I can run away from this, but I cannot hide forever, Will be a day when it will be more difficult to speak openly about this experience.

At least I have still one choice, to follow the advice from the doctor and enjoy the Life.

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