Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Honeymoon period

Throughout my life The Valentine's Day have never been highlighted in the calendars, often because did not exist a girl friend that would justify to put a sign in my diary to take her out or give a bunch of flowers. To go out in this day was a luxury for the lucky man. It is true, now that I have the opportunity and I am one of the lucky fellows, I excused myself of not being a romantic animal. But today what betrayed us to not have a different day, more special, was the full booking appointments in the Royal Free Hospital. The celebration will await :) I hope Justyna will understand again. All morning and afternoon we have been involved in a session how to cope with Diabetes, it was great to listen all the experiences from my colleges and also the explanations from the nurses, a lot of new things come about, as for example the experience that some diabetic have in the beginning called Honeymoon period. My love had also her moment of glory, she explained how to react if I become unconscious or go into coma because of the diabetes.

Straight after that I had a more serious appointment, I went to see Dr Fusai, I think this might be the last one with him. For a minute I had an impression that if it would depend entirely on him, he would go ahead with the surgery, but after he agreed with the oncologist. I have several tumours in different areas, and as the doctor said to remove all of them would not help me in the long term. But the final decision is to keep with the treatments and try to keep stable the disease. Even without big celebrations, but we are very tired from our classes and emotions.

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