Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pancakes day

Today I went alone for my second diabetes lesson in the hospital. This classes has a lot of information to get on board and we need to breath very deeply to listen all what the doctors have to say, It is a procession of doctors that pass through the class from different areas that tells us all the possible complications from the diabetes, For a while I had an impression that I was in a horror movie. Regarding to eyes, I have now a bigger discomfort in my left eye, For the doctor in the hospital my problem now detected can be something different from a possible complication from the diabetes, Soon I will go to the GP to speak about this new finding in my Annual eyes checking. From this class also I learnt few changes that I will do in my insulin injections that I hope can bring it a bit downer.

Also, today I called to the oncologist to know if there is any news regarding injections that I will need to take, the nurse told me that they are only waiting for the response from the GP, and in the GP the doctor told me to call him tomorrow as he would sort out this today, So tomorrow I might have the news.

After this paragraphs I am amazed to see how much the hospitals and clinics took over our lives, luckily each day still have 24 hours, so there was still spare hours left to enjoy pancakes in Jean's house and at home with Shubhi and Tom.

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