Monday, February 20, 2012

Fish with bones

The report about my last diabetic eye checking arrived today in the post, The good news is the problem that they found in my left eye is nothing related with cancer but the bad is that now on I have a problem in the eye that tend to get worse, in the future I might need to get a laser surgery to control the problem in the retina. Pretty scary, if I would not be already in a different boat, even more scary.

The morning I was in the charity shop, the time there helped me to get some peace of mind. Nevertheless, here I can see how little confident I am and how the bad thoughts and low mood can put me away from the people and from a discussion.

I have been tired but surprisingly this afternoon I found some energies to play with Olivia, and it was such a good time, I think we both enjoyed very much, we were trying to fish from a new game that come in the Peppa Pig magazine.

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