Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mathematical skills in need

I went to the church in the morning, but afterwards Justyna been infected by the gorgeous weather did not want to go back home, at least so early, I was tired and more in a mood to be around home, so we reached an agreement to go half way to the centre, to Camden, where we met our friend Veena. For a weeks we have not seen her, we missed her very much. On the way to the Camden we sat down in the front seats in the upper deck of the bus, We all looked like a solar panels getting as much Sun as possible as well as vitamin D after starvation through the Winter.

Through this weeks I am attending a course about diabetes and one of aims is to improve my values of glucose in the blood and to avoid complications, even more after this week I was alerted already with some problems in my vision because of diabetes, So all this has grown even more in importance. Helped by the nurses in the hospital I am trying to slowly do some changes in the units of insulin injected, It is like maths, dealing with units of carbs in the food, dividing Lantus, multiplying Novorapid, or subtracting corrections Doses for each unit. It is really a science inside the science, what I am trying to understand bit more, for now my sugars are running very low, often too low. But I hope I will get the perfect balance, soon.

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