Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Inspiring nights

Today myself and Olivia come back to the routine, once in a while we both end up in the GP, normally we are ill at the same time, I guess it is a matter of familiar solidarity, which Justyna insists to not follow. In the morning it was Olivia to see the doctor and in the evening me who saw the same doctor, both we were complaining with sore throat, even if only Olivia had fever. But now I have the feeling that we are all much better. Probably. we are paying for our courageous trip to the cold mountains of High Barnet.

By the way, tonight is expected to be the coldest one, I come just now from the church and believe I was very close to the freezing point, I left one hand out of the glove while I was on the mobile phone, and after took me a while to feel the same hand again. The nights in the church are revealing a great experience, often we are meditating, observing paintings and even listen to the musics, which not always are directly religious stuff. Those are very touching and heartbreaking sessions, indeed.

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