Saturday, February 25, 2012

Living in the high road

Today I have the proof that it is not the work or the busy days that makes me tired and put me into a negative mood, it's the other way around. Now in the end of the day I feel happy and full fill for this day.

Me and Justyna for the first day were committed with our own charity shops, I worked in the morning until 1.30 and Justyna was working from 1.30, throughout the afternoon, Olivia again was a magnificent girl, she stayed in my shop until I finished my shift. It was such a great feeling of being in the till and Olivia on the floor reading the books from the shop, almost if we were at home.

This evening after a year I cooked the bacalhau that I had in store, It was great to have our sweet friends Sue and Dennis, lovely to listen Sue's contagious laughing.

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