Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wheel of Life

Today in the class we were around the colour wheel, it is amazing that some painters built up their works from only three primary colours and even what the printers capture is maid from this three colours: Yellow, Blue and Red. In the beginning it is difficult to believe in it but everything that we can see comes from this. This made me reflect, probably the same happens with Life, We can experience hundreds of things, that make us happy, sad, frustrated, etc. but all that is combination of very little things, and those are what matters. Myself decided to recreate the Wheel of Life, and I detected at least one primary feeling, Love. To finish my theory I would need two more feelings/colours but I could not think about any other as important as Love, Probably Life should be based only from tons of Love.

Funny things keeps happen in our lives, this morning Justyna was telling me that she would like to do some charity work, and half an hour later, I had a call from the Cherry Lodge Cancer Care shop, as they need somebody to help them in the shop, I answered that I cannot as I am already committed with Noah's Ark, but of course I remembered about Justyna.

Tonight I had my last session of spiritual education, it was a wonderful journey together with other friends, place where I always felt secure and very open to learn. It is amazing what we can learn and take, from everywhere.

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