Saturday, February 4, 2012

Italian night

Believe in me, the best way to face the problems is to run away from them, and for that nothing better than transform a day in a minute. There are days that I am going through them at a high speed, I almost do not notice them, and today was one of those, I could not feel or touch this day, So many things happened that I just now in the end of the day, sat down in the sofa and with a wonderful white blanket of snow covering all the view outside, I can reflect and meditate and say thank you and rejoice for another great day.

I spent the morning with Olivia in a playgroup for dad's, and in the afternoon we also went to the countryside centre to see a gentleman who brought a lot of animals and bugs to show to the kids, I was very proud to see Olivia holding in her hands giants cockroach, frogs and apparently much more bugs. I needed to leave early to go to work at the charity shop in the afternoon.

After all that, we had a fantastic meeting in Shubhi's house, I can call it an Italian night, with all the food and drinks coming from that part of Europe. Shubhi and Tom are surrendered to my Latin friends. The way back home turned out a big adventure because of the snow on the roads, with Veena's car struggling to bring us to our home, we needed to be left half way and do the rest walking juggling through the snow and carrying sleeping Oli.

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