Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friendly laugh

Outside was for sure a very cold Sunday, but indoors was instead a much more suave day. Justyna has now overcome Olivia and myself as the one of the family in worst condition because of the flu, Everyday are new developments regarding to the virus, let us see who is better tomorrow. Probably because of that as well I did not feel great, more even psychological, as if empty inside. Those feelings are always difficult to describe, and even more when there is no reasons for that. I guess I just need to thrust in the time and let the clock and the nights do its job and cure it.

A long time ago I have been looking for the medicine to help me to fight my disease and this grey days, I know I was missing laughtherapy, and this days I am finding the perfect instrument, Slowly I have surrendered to the TV serial Friends. Before I never gave importance to this program but now I am really enjoying to watch with girls.

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