Monday, February 13, 2012

Book man

It was a day tailored to improve my mental health, In the charity shop they gave me my dream work, organize and tag the books in the shelves, It was a long job but I was in heaven, to organize by alphabetic order, and to look more in detail to separate by subject, fiction, romance, food, diet, gardens, I flicked everything. It is a shame but I know that the Book will have also its final days. Anyway, this is not a day for negativism.

I had also a great time in my Reiki session, again I do not remember much, because I was all the hour half sleeping. The therapist keeps tell me that I am a person of Water, I should live close to the Sea, One day I will do that.

Tomorrow we will have full day in the Royal Free Hospital, Justyna will come with me for my first class of a course about diabetes. It will be four full days and it sounds very promising, we will speak everything of this World. And in the late afternoon I will have an appointment with Dr Fusai, my surgeon. There is not many new things to be discussed, the situation is still the same, It is true the tumours have decreased size, but Dr Fusai once told me that he cannot operate me because I have few small tumours, so the situation is still the same. Olivia will be in the morning with Vasco, to keep her away from the Hospital as much as possible.

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