Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gold mine

My days in the charity shop are ruining me :) I am just sitting down over the Gold. I am all the time receiving donations, and of course I cannot be indifferent to such a lovely books that sometimes come into my hands, and even more towards the stuff to paint. Of course, there is no favouritism or any discount. If I am interested in something I am allowed to reserve it, so when I finish my shift I can buy it. I spend today so much money there - it is another paradox of this job, usually you work to get money, I spend my money at work :{ at least I know it is all going to help children in needs. I am so happy with a purchase of a great old case of watercolours and few more accessories. I did not forget Olivia too, I brought her a complete collection of books from one of her favourite characters. Today's reading session almost had no end..

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