Monday, February 6, 2012

#I do not like Mondays#

I am now committed every Mondays with the charity shop, soon I will start to say "I hate Mondays" It will be wonderful to hate Monday mornings, It means that I have the health and joy to give some time and work to a good cause. I am still getting use to a lot of new things, to follow rules, to work and more, to come home and feel very tired. This afternoon I spent all in bed, I was very tired and probably also a bit with a cold.

In the shop I love the already traditional visit of my princesses, I always bring Olivia inside the back of the shop and show her what I am doing, It is magic to go around with her. I am sure she also enjoys to see her father working, Today Justyna told me that in the school Olivia was saying proudly to her friend that her father was working in the shop of Noah's Ark

In the afternoon Olivia has been with fever again, she looked very poorly, I hope she will be better tomorrow.

I am in the last week of my retreat or spiritual formation in the church close to me, It is a perfect way to sit down praying and meditating, I come always very serene and calm, I found as well an inspiring place for friendship.

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