Thursday, February 16, 2012

First time for everything

Before I set up my track to the city for an interview, I had a surprise from Olivia. I already witnessed a lot of first times of Olivia but today was time for the first written words of Olivia. Her first words in the paper apart of Olivia were Mama and Tata, Nothing is perfect as those words were Polish ones, I will need to live with that fact forever.

As I said, this morning I had a meeting in the centre, the aim was to attend an interview with a market research company regarding to a new insulin pens that a certain medical company want to launch in the market, So I was very happy to see all my expertise in the area listened and rewarded.

Because I was very close to Vasco, in the afternoon I passed in his house, the plan was to have a chat and hang around, but in the end I also tried a lot of his clothes that he does not want anymore. In the end, when I came back home was already time for diner. I cannot wait for tomorrow, we will have a guest for a day, our doggy friend Cliff will come to stay a day with us.

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