Thursday, February 2, 2012

Perfect is the enemy of good

Today the time in the retreat was very emotional, it was about sorrow and joy, about mourning and dancing, both are related, inevitable and necessary. During the hour I cried and danced. It was the perfect day to organize my thoughts and emotions for tomorrow's events.

Tomorrow I will have again one of those Big Fridays, it has been already a while without appointments in the hospital, In the Royal Free I will be told the point of situation and what is next. The results of the CT scan done few weeks ago will be revealed. I am positive, perhaps the experience tells me that there is nothing I can do, actually a long time ago I already lost the control of my destiny. Justyna was asking me what would be a good news for me, I told her what I feel, that it will never be what I want. The Best is always the enemy of the good.

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