Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chalet in the High Barnet

Unexpectedly we found ourselves in our dream holidays and without being necessary to pay for any EasyJet flight, For sure we would not find the same charm in the Swiss Alps as we found today in the Winter High Barnet resort. There was birds in the morning singing out for whoever likes and even for who does not like to listen them, everything covered in white as well. The only shame is of course the top spots were overcrowded and there was not the lifts to transport us to the top to launch ourselves in the abysm again. We had also our breakfast out, and I can guess that the prices that we paid were incomparable much cheaper than if we would go instead to another mountain.

After so intense activity in the morning the tourists except me, decided to have an afternoon nap in our chalet. It is a joy to remember again and again going with Olivia in the sled passing through all the tourists that were going down hill, I just could not stop laugh, we kicked everyone on the way until we been dragged to the big snow in the bottom of the hill.

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