Friday, February 24, 2012

Hair cut

This morning I was left with the job of entertaining not one, but two little girls, Olivia and her friend Kalina. It is funny for myself to play the role of a father of two girls. It is as if I would need to manage the balance between two daughters, if there is a sweet this must be for both daughters, the same with attention and with the legs. This morning we spent most of the time in the library, we read and played hide and seek. This last game still gives plenty of fun, reminding me good memories and the bringing to the present the pleasure that I always had when I played hide & seek.

From my oncologist arrived the news that I still need to wait probably more a couple of weeks until the funding would be approved for my injections, I hope the answer will be positive and I can have the first injection before I depart to Poland in the Easter.

The older girls went to a party in Kalina's house, where come a friend hairdresser and cut their hairs. So all the girls at home are very proud of their new look.

The picture of the princesses need to wait for tomorrow, they are all sleeping by now, and I am going now as tomorrow I will be back to the shop :) good night

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