Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Since few years ago there was a promise in the air, We said to Olivia that we would go one day to the Fan Park in Hyde Park, but for different reasons we never come to this Park. Today with a dry weather and some energies left, we decided to go to the centre and explore the Park. There are plenty of entertaining, carousels, food, In a Oktoberfest style. But as I expected the prices are very much on the top, very expensive, We had a budget to spent and, if it was not the delicious chips, we would have not had any deviation from the budget. Olivia has already some Accountant vein like daddy.

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Anonymous said...

Olá Helder e princesas!

Venham no final de Outubro a Tomar à Feira de Santa Iria, que não é muito diferente, deve ser muito mais barato e aqui há farturas, pão com chouriço e outras iguarias das feiras populares portuguesas!! Bjos para todos!! :)