Friday, January 6, 2012

A king, Queen and a princess

Justyna had finished last term the Counselling classes but today started the class of Neuro-linguistic programming, A new project that I hope will help Justyna to enrich herself. With Justyna busy, me and Olivia were wandering around, We went to the GP, to find out that my blood test results shows a slightly decrease in my white blood cells, nothing for alarm yet but at least to keep an eye on. We had also past through the library and find that I forgot the rhyme session will start only next week. Father is always sleeping. In fact today I was very tired and with back pain, I had my nap in the afternoon but I woke up just on time to go with Olivia and her friend Kalina to the ballet session. She is now doing in the afternoon with bigger kids.

It is funny that me and Justyna are constantly finding Olivia reading hidden in the corners, almost as if reading was not tolerated, illegal :) We need to re-assure Olivia that we are proud of that. Before diner I needed to get upset with Olivia, because the food was getting cold and she was telling me that she just needed to finish more a couple of books, only then she would join us in the table. Today is the day of the Three Kings, or the three wise men, all about us :) It marks the end of the Christmas season, tomorrow we are planning to disassemble our Christmas tree.

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