Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The praise of rest

The days are full of contradictions and opposites. There are the tantrums of Olivia, funny that normally happen when Olivia wakes up or before diner. This just gives reason to Justyna's theory, Her tantrums are driven by Hypoglycemias or low sugars in the blood, as they happen either in the morning when she waits for breakfast or in the evening when waits for the diner she is starving. So, it is not only me who is dependent from the dictatorship of the sugars :)

But as I said the days are full of contrasts, thus I can experience as well a very quite and plenty of sacred moments through the day life. Today I had a magnificent reiki session, where my body drop in a deep unconsciousness for whole full hour and its only pity to wake up again. Through the evenings and with the dusk the Life can even slow down more, and stops when Olivia is going to sleep. I learnt with Justyna, when I am putting Olivia to sleep, I am reading to her but after I also lay down with her in the bed. Those are precious moments just to give a cuddle to Olivia and stay there unmoved until she falls asleep.

I grown up embedded in the idea that resting and being lazy are a very bad attributes, But nowadays I completely separated from that opinion and the pejorativeness of those stigmas. In fact, there is nothing better than looking calmly for the beauty of our each inner person, to create time to see the time pass by. It is amazing how slowing down the path we can increase so much the feeling of quality of each second.

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