Saturday, January 14, 2012

Swimming pool

There was a thing that I wanted to do for a long time but I always found an excuse to not do it or there was something else. Probably it was because I had to travel away from home, even if only 30 minutes. Anyway, today first thing in the morning, I took Olivia to the swimming poll, It was great time and I promise I would do it more often now on. All the ritual from home until there was full of great spirit, to pack the bag, to travel, to dress the swimming suits, to get inside the swimming pool, come out and have a sandwich. All the moments are beautiful, and brings me also good memories of days when I was travelling to the Muxito swimming poll in Portugal, for sure it was more dirty then but the days were also funny. The swimming pool that we went today had even waves, a luxury that we did not have in Muxito back to that days, there I only remember to come back home with green hair and to go to the toilets and step on the most undesirable present.

At home Olivia had another Polish cooking lesson, Gosia introduced her to the Polish pasta, Lazanki.

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