Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Poisoned gift

Today I did the relay race around the hospitals, Since 9.00AM I was in the Royal Free Hospital to do another CT scan, now we are all hoping and waiting for the good news, It must be! Afterwards I could not breath, I run to the other ending of London to have the blood test done in the Barnet Hospital. Only around 1.00PM I could relax and I did it. I went to the chapel in the hospital and I enjoyed very much a very intimate mass, only with 4 persons, the priest mention and prayed during the mass for my CT scan results to come out as I want, and he even invited me to do one of the readings from the Bible. It sound a small thing but it had a lot of significance for me :)

This days I have been going through a book that Justyna offered to me, it consists in exercises and charades to exercise my rusty brain, I confess that the idea was brilliant and I had a great time in the first days, but when I started to share the exercises with my Justyna I have become depressive :) What was for me an insoluble charade for Justyna turned out to be a piece of cake, When I was stared minutes and hours to sort out a problem, Justyna needed a minute, this even in my field, maths.

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