Sunday, January 15, 2012

Justyna's lovers

Again Olivia is suffering with breathless, last night it was hard for her. I also needed to use myself the bronchodilator to clear my breath. I do not know if it is asthma or not, but if this night Olivia will still have the same problems, plus the diarrhoea and fever, tomorrow we will go to the doctor.

Today we had the visit of our friend Sergio and family, Olivia was very weak but then when the kids arrived she could not stay still, straight jumped and went to play with them.

Everyday we can learn something, today I tried for the first time the most weird vegetable I ever seen, not only because of its phallus shape but also its taste and the name, Salsify. To be honest I was positively surprised with its flavour. For sure an experience to be repeated.

At home, I am each day more confused with all the Justyna's lovers, she is receiving constantly text's and emails, and they are secret, I am not allowed to touch anymore her mobile phone. I was thinking, as far as she still cooks for me, I am fine :)

Just one last and sad note, to scream against myself, often I close my eyes and shut my mind to some bad news. Because of the bad news have become so routinely in the Media, we do not give the importance that we must. This days are dying thousands of Somalis in a famine, I felt bad with myself when I clicked in a different link with something without importance, comparing to this tragedy. We can also be cruel with our negligence and non action.

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