Saturday, January 7, 2012

Home made pizza

I keep fighting this new back pain, But I found the friends the better remedy for that, better than even the Paracetamol. This afternoon, we had the visit of the family of Justyna's friend, her college from the college. With such a lovely time I even forgot about the pain, I will not mention it more to see if it will not comeback. The family friends was really full of good spirit. Like everything new, and probably of been tired I was slightly on the backside in the beginning, but it was worth to open my heart and just go through the emotions and enjoy what the friends had to give, a lot of good energies. It is easy sometimes to let our cultural pre-concepts ruin our life, and today I am glad that I did not let it to happen. I am really glad to meet this new friends.

In the morning me and Olivia went to play in a Playgroup, I was a bit down so we could not let escape the Sunshine that was shining just above us, mother joined us for this moment.

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