Monday, January 9, 2012

Handa's surprise

The atmosphere at home is now involved in the most pure secrecy, I do not know what is going on, Justyna is receiving messages and emails all the time, which I am not allowed to check, She is also going out without telling me why and coming back after an hour with a suspicious smile.

Anyway, with Olivia and myself out of the obscure movements we keep trying to have fun. Olivia is always going through different stages, and phases like a Moon, like sometimes she does not eat too much, which is not the case in the last week. But, there is days she almost does not need any food, just tangerines, She loves so much that fruit. Our house always need to have a basket full of tangerines to avoid any problems. It is like in the story of Handa's surprise, where Handa offered a big basket full of tangerines to her friend Akeyo. I am sure also for Olivia a basket full of tangerines would be the best gift in her birthday.

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