Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blood brothers

I was not completely honest yesterday, because when I said I was upset with Olivia, I should have said I was really anger, and let the bad vibrations and emotions taken my peace of mind and spirit, Only this morning when Olivia came closer to me I felt again in Peace and restored the positive energies. With this developments even my retreat in the church in the morning tasted better.

This evening me and Justyna had a special evening reserved, sorry Olivia but this time was only for Us. With the special thanks from friends we had an evening out, Diner was also in our friends account, Amazing sensation to have a great meal and just walk away from the Restaurant without paying :)
The desert was the musical Blood Brothers, As far as I remember this was the first time I went to a musical in the West End, it is really a nice feeling among all the emotions, and this play was specially strong and touching.

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