Monday, January 16, 2012

Midlife crisis

Surprising Olivia after being ill, had recovered in a day, tonight she did not have anymore fever and the breath was back to normal, enough to let everybody sleep well. Nevertheless, we went to the doctor, she said that everything looks fine. But she told to come again when Olivia's breath become fast again, this because we think she has a breath always very intense and the doctor did not ignore what we said.

I have had another step in the way back to do something, another interview to work in the Noah's Ark, and there is still another training Thursday, only after I will able to go to work in the shop. Even to work as a volunteer we need to go through a long process. But I am nearly there :)

Today I felt down, I was thinking what could it be, if my blood results which I picked up and showed a very poor results for my white blood cells, almost the same values as when I needed to be hospitalized, but after a deep thought I found the cause, The famous Mid Life crisis. Tomorrow I will dive without returned in the 40's, and this is touching into myself as I did not expect. To improve my mood and celebrate the event I had my year's bath, as I did not have in Christmas. Tomorrow I will be fresh and clean for the special Day. At home the atmosphere of secrecy is higher than ever, Olivia is definitely a accomplice, she just told me that there is a secret but she cannot tell me, great :)

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