Sunday, January 22, 2012

#the time of my life#

Uff, after three days without any time to breath, living in the edge of the heart attack, this afternoon I am trying to touch and feel the ground again, reset the body and mind from the frenetic weekend, while Olivia and Justyna are resting. I am sure they must be very tired from the preparations and all the secrecy for the party that went on almost for a week. If the job was to make me feel happy, my love Justyna did it perfectly. The weekend is to be remembered for the all days to come, I felt so happy and even embarrassing to feel so important and central in those days. But I guess to feel in Love or loved never should make you feel guilty, they are adjectives and synonyms of freedom and liberty.

I was all happy, I did not expect my friends one by one and even my parents to arrive in London and just knock to my door. You must recognise, a friend should not do this :) To have such a good time there were many things to be in count: tons of friendship, friends that came from Germany, Belgium, Portugal and even from England, My friend Maria that offered her house so that all the community could stay together and enjoy every single second together.
This is also a story of hard work and support
Of conspiracy, secrecy and love
With a sufficient speech
Of memories
Story with Kings and princesses
United friends
Tears and reunion of friends
To keep the candle lightened every day.


Anonymous said...

a primeira foto não dá para apmpliar, man!!!


Luis Carvalho said...

Foi um fim-de-semana verdadeiramente em grande!

O Sérgio lá aparece de copo de vinho na mão :-)